Two years of You

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 3.31.50 PM.png
After two years of you
After two years of blue eyes
and crooked smiles
and hugs
filled with so much warmth
they made all my sadness melt
no matter how cold it was
After two years of you
I wake up alone
a gaping emptiness
and memories that burn.
Inside my chest

my heart is screaming

into blackness

2 thoughts on “Two years of You

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  1. No one ever leaves you, dearest Lily; no one’s divine essence can ever be apart from your own. Love comes not from us, but only through us, like you so beautifully depicted it in your image here, with these rays of light flowing through people, keeping them connected to the Source, regardless of the comings and goings on Earth.
    It is perfectly okay that no one can see the meaning of heaviness while it is felt:

    We are all here, precious girl, suffering but choosing happiness because our Father/Mother in heaven takes good care of us.
    Let us sit in The Garden for awhile and keep coming here whenever our souls need replenishment:

    Always praying for Divine Courage in your beloved life, Leon

  2. It is only normal, to feel that loss so strong after someone leaves, and now, you’re left with the broken pieces, but, you will, eventually, learn to heal back up again…

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