We hide separately as a darkness begins to ravish us

metamorphic, erratic, it twists itself into our bodies

We can’t anticipate what it is hungry for

It consumes lungs, hearts, and minds

Pulls us into the ground, 

making hundred thousands of us rot silently

the majority of us not caring, not seeing, not wanting to see

Then some of us punch holes into our collective soul 

strangle us, gas us, make us bleed 

Can’t we understand we are an us

more the same then different 

some us scream, scream very loudly, 

But some of us will always be deaf to every voice besides the one they already believe 

And some of us will ignore, preserving the peace of their small worlds 

Leaving others to worry, to cry, 

Will I be safe?

Will my children be safe? 

No. No.

Because there are too many of us

No feels responsible but everyone is.

I love you.

He said many times throughout the day.

I love you.

So soft. So sweet. 

A precious gift everytime she heard it.

a morning cast in golden glow

wrapped in your arms

sleepy thoughts

sleepy smiles


-a perfect morning


Today the Souls you planted on Earth weep

We will treasure the memories and the life you lived

Full of adventure, resilience, and determination to the very last breath

You will be missed.

-Your children and grandchildren



Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.33.32 PM.png


In the darkness.

In the cold.

I waited for you.


Shivering underneath a starless sky.

A moonless night.

My breath silver in the cold.

I waited for you:


For someone I knew would never come.


Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 5.28.12 PM.pngMy skin breaths.

The universe whispers.

The darkness is electric with stars.

Endless energy pulses through my veins.

I am alive.


the shadows breathe

and the darkness grows

soon I will forget who I am

on this endless road to nowhere



I am living in a fairytale:

where you are mine and I am yours

where we walk in fields of flowers

beneath skies of brilliant color

and swim in oceans that glitter gold



but somewhere I know the stars are falling

somewhere the quiet song of ending echoes

somewhere I am already alone again

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