Our minds are dying

Decaying in the vast continuum of time

Perishing in the slivers of broken universe

Blood seething from fractured thoughts

Silver patterns dancing underneath shadowed souls

Splintered essence crying in an empty hurricane

Black stars sway in ancient vertigo

An endless grey scream pounds against unseen walls

White noise penetrates the soundless waves of agony

Bruises shatter faceless creatures

Nightmares moan in hollow days

Depression punctures deep gashes

In our dying minds



The stars are yours if you want them

Night skies drift over your horizons

Violet oceans move underneath your feet

Shapeless lands amass in your thoughts

Full moons glitter in the depths of your eyes

Diamond rain sparkles in your teardrops

Seas rumble and roar in the melodies of your voice

Volcanoes erupt in your glares

Golden rays of sunlight dance on your palms

The world is yours if you want it

Lullabies of the Universe

IMG_0028Sleeping amidst shattered constellations

Listening to the music of rotating planets

The soft hum of expanding black holes

The rhythm of everlasting darkness

melting into dreams of the unknown.

You are weightless in dark matter feeling

the heartbeat of the universe.

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