1. International Club: Club day was on October 11th and we got 120 signatures saying that they were interested in joining our club. We are having a meeting with the presidents in the library tomorrow. I have token on the role of the secretary because my other friend invited two other people to be presidents of the club along with us, making my role rather diminutive. Though I am not complaining because that gives me more time to work on my writing, editing the international club website, and of course school work.

2. If We were Beautiful: I and my friend are also currently working on a novel detailing our struggles with anorexia and all the pain it brings with it. It is all based on real experience.


5 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Your novel idea sounds amazing! I suffered from anorexia as well,
    Would love to read the finished product!

  2. I wish you the best as you write, I can’t wait for more of your posts. What do you write for? excuse me if it’s in your about me, I’d rather just ask you though.

      • I feel the need to read your book. I feel the need to read every word you type on your screen because your words are beautiful. Your writing is beautiful, though full of understandable pain.

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